Breathe The Air by Paddy & Lloyd
Breathe The Air the second song of Paddy & Lloyd's debut album! Download it on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and all other ...
Candy by Paolo Nutini Cover
A piano version of Paola Nutini's song “Candy”
Where do you go to my lovely (cover)
A pear blossom cover of a Sarstedt classic.
Lucy May
A song I wrote about travelling around the world with a beautiful girl. Hope you enjoy it! Credit to Shutterstock and Vimeo for the ...
Anthem To A Soldier
With the WW1 centenary approaching, I thought it would be a great time to release my first music video, produced and directed by ...
Sound of Silence (Cover by Paddy and Lloyd)
This is a cover we've done of one of our favourite Simon and Garfunkel numbers. Enjoy!
When Will I Be Loved (Cover)
Paddy Findlay (guitar) Lloyd Crowley (Ukelele)
Stacy's Mom (Cover)
Paddy Findlay (guitar) Lloyd Crowley (ukelele)
Time (original song)
This song was recorded in a studio on 30th April 2018. Born 1995.
An Angel Floats (Original)
This is a song myself and Lloyd (on the Ukulele) wrote. If you enjoy it please subscribe!