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A word from Paddy:

Hi everyone!

I am a 22 year old Singer-Songwriter from Hunsdon (a village near to Hertford and Ware).

My first song ‘Anthem to a  Soldier’ has been professionally recorded both with instrumental backing and as an acoustic track (just me and my guitar).  We have decided to donate 100% of profits from sales of this single CD or digital downloads to Help for Heroes, registered charity number 1120920. Thanks for supporting this great cause!

I will be releasing various songs on my Youtube Channel: Paddy Findlay and on my Facebook Page so look out for these!

I am writing and recording songs for the rest of this year and more of my songs will soon be available to download from iTunes, Spotify and Amazon!

Please get in contact if you fancy coming to see me play live at various venues around Hertfordshire or London, or if you want me to play a gig for a Birthday or Wedding Party.


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